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Dynamic Security Technologies / Products
The following are some of our products

Fullbody Scanner

Narcotics smugglers and terrorists often swallow plastic explosives or strap them to their bodies. Conventional security systems at airports or VIP entrances are not able to pick up these criminal activities. Our full body scanner will give a full view of any swallowed contraband, surgically implanted materials or body-strapped explosives. This product is applicable to airports, VIP entrances, precious minerals mines and other related premises.
Baggage Scanner

We have non-intrusion cargo inspection X-ray machines applicable to airports for luggage, baggage, pallets and containers. These are also applicable to other operations such as seaports, border posts and customs inspections. Mobile scanners also available to covertly detect contraband and terror tools by intelligence and customs operatives
Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Perimeter Security for High Risk Infrastructure such Airports, Fuel Depots, Correctional Facilities, Mines etc should not depend only on physical security such as steel fence and walls.

Dynamic proposes to install Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection systems that may be integrated to CCTV Thermal Cameras. The fiber cable can be covertly buried underground or be installed on the fence. The sensing intelligence has the ability to identify between humans, animals and vehicles thereby eliminating false alarms. Intrusion on the perimeter will be observed on the mimic panel pin pointing to the exact geographical location of disturbance. CCTV thermal cameras can then be automatically scrambled to locate the point of disturbance and capture the scene.

This use of the perimeter intrusion detection eliminates the security patrols that can be timed, are inefficient and put the lives of personal in danger. Other third party security systems can be integrated to this dual set up

DST SECURITY cc branded Dynamic Security Technologies Ltd is an African markets focused supplier and installer of Security Technology and Fire Management Systems. Our systems are geared to protect Industrial, Residential & Government premises and lives.

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