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Dynamic Security Technologies / Products
The following are some of our products

Access Control Systems

These products assist in determining who goes where, and when, and they may bar entrance at select times or at specific entrances.

The events trail will be recorded on both the simple Stand-Alone Installation or the advanced IP Based Installation.

Whether it is an office, home , medium size enterprise such as a bank branch or a massive industrial complex needing to secure up to 3000 doors and 300000 tag holders, our IXP20, IXP200 and IXP400 control systems have the appropriate solutions.
Trap Door

In most Banks and Forex Bureau de Changes exit/entrance doors are standard and ordinary.Clients move in /out with no control at all.However this laxity is a great security weakness in the contest of a robbery event. This will mean robbers in their numbers will rush in and out of a banking hall in a lighting speed and making their operation a success. To counter this weakness we propose to install the Submarine Trap Doors to banking halls entrances.

These electronic controlled doors allow only one person to enter/exit the bank at any given time and their locking system can be disabled by an overide buttons operated by teller, manager or security person in case of a robbery emergency.

They are called Submarine Trap Doors because they are a 2 level entrance/exit in one unit. One enters the 1st door and it closes behind them before they open the 2nd door. So at a certain point one is in a cubicle such as one in a submarine. The 2nd door wont open until the 1st one is successful closed. Furthermore the cubicle is armed with electronic sensors that make it impossible to close 1st door when there are more than 2 persons in the cubicle, hence the 2nd door will remain closed.
The doors are constructed from a hard alluminium alloy with tough glass capable of protecting against AK47 bullets, in case a robber is trapped in the cubicle he will be of no ham until the security officials are mobilised.

Depending on the human traffic into the bank, the doors maybe single (entrance/exit in the same door) or double (one in one out). NB; Nobody operates the doors, clients just move in and out but they cannot breach one person at a time operation.

This product has reduced robberies considerable in the South African banks.
Fire Detection and Supression

Our Fire Detection & Suppression System automatically protects Computer Server Rooms, Data Centers, Telecoms Control Rooms, Power Generation Control Centers Battery Rooms and Electronic Infrastructure in general.

In the event of a fire breakout the system will release the fire extinguishing gas thereby extinguishing the fire at the time raise the alarm local and remote with a GSM Notification SMS to the cellphones of the response teams. Dynamic uses Bosch fire panels, NOVEC 1230 and FM200 fire suppressant gases depending on the volume of the risk area.

NOVEC has a greater advantage over other fire suppressant gases as it can be refilled on site.

Large High Fire Risk Areas such as Petroleum Tank Farms, Tobacco Warehouses, Chemical Ware Houses, Coal Dumps etc. create a challenge when it comes to fire detection and management.

Dynamic will deploy the SharpEye Flame Detectors with well proven IR3 (Triple IR) Multi-Spectrum detector that enables detection of small hydrocarbon based fires at a distance of up to 65m, with an enlarged 100 degrees cone of vision and enhanced immunity to false alarms.

Detector features include a heated window to eliminate condensation and icing; HART capabilities for digital communications; lower power requirements and a compact lighter design.

In Tobacco Warehouses, Airport Terminals, Industrial/Manufacturing we deploy Open Area Smoke Imaging Detection (OSID). This detector is applicable where legacy smoke detectors may prove to be uneconomic due to the large number of units required.

OSID uses a sophisticated algorithm to map and compare the strength of infrared (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV) light signals from detectors configured in the space, regardless of cavernous or odd shapes.

DST SECURITY cc branded Dynamic Security Technologies Ltd is an African markets focused supplier and installer of Security Technology and Fire Management Systems. Our systems are geared to protect Industrial, Residential & Government premises and lives.

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