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Mobile Inspection System

Versatile , compact mobile X-ray scanning with dual-energy material discrimination

The M6500 system is the latest mobile X-ray inspection solution in the market. Mounted on a compact, rugged truck platform, the system helps inspectors search for weapons, contrabands, un declared cargoand other item of interest in passenger vehicle and cargo containers under a wide range of conditions and scenarios.

The M6500 System's powerful X-ray source, sensitive detectors, and dual-energy material discrimination help inspectors quickly locate organic threats like drugs and explosives The system is mounted on a truck chassis light enough to be driven in most countries without a commercial or special license.The system's low scan height and operational flexibility allow inspection of all parts of scanned vehicles, from bumper to bumper and down to the axles.

Combining versitile mobility with technology proven in the hundreds of our system already deployed around the globe the M6500 mobile inspection system is an ideal solution wherever mobile scanning is required.

- High throughput stationary or flexible mobile operation
- Dual energy material discrimination
- Scans bumper to bumper or cargo only
- Very low radiation dose to vehicle occupants and other by standers
- Small operational footprint


The M6500 mobile inspection system can support a wide variety of scanning scenarios
- Moving mode. In this flexible mode, the system moves past stationary vehicles, quickly scanning them from bumper to bumper in a single pass.
- Stationary mode. In this high throughput mode, the system scans vehicles as they drive through the scanning area under their own power.
In both modes, the entire target is scanned from end to end, including occupants.

The IP6500 Full scan integrated inspection system is a power practical solution for inspecting vehicles and cargo in high volume-operation.

The systems high energy X-ray provides detailed images even through heavy shielding and can distinguish light, organic material from dense organic material. It is OCR system can identify containers as they are scanned.And its database component integrates and delivers images and data on demand.

The system canscan more than 150 vehicles per hour in the typical flow of check point traffic.It can scan entire vehicles, bumper to bumper and roof to tires including occupants. With its small footprint and low radiation dose .It can be implemented in very limited space. And by revealing weapons, Special nuclear material and other contraband the system can greatly reduce the need for costly manual inspection


The IP6500 FullScan system combines power scanning technologies in a fast, compact unit.
- High-energy X-ray imaging. The system can reveal and contraband through more than a foot of steel. And its low radiation increases safety and reduce space requirements.
- Material discrimination option. The system distinguishes light organic material from dense organic material
- Radiation detection option. The system can detect and locate even heavily shielded SNM with a false alarm rate of less than 1 in 10 000 meeting or exceeding the American National Standards Institute's challenging N42.35-2006 standard
- Container identification option .The system's OCR component automatically identifies containers as they are scanned.

The system quickly integrates the scanning images and data for each vehicle .Security personnel can review the images and data at any time.


The system can scan more than 150 vehicles per hour as they drive through without stopping. With a typical operating footprint of just 9 by 7meters-including exclusion zone the system is ideal for the use in tight spaces.

- High-energy X-ray imaging
- Material discrimination
- Sensitive radiation detection With very low false alarm rate
- OCR container identification
- Full-vehicle scanning bumper, including occupants
- High throughput-more than 150 containers per hour
- Fast data integration and display
- Small operating space, no external shielding
- Low radiation dose for safety and small size


A compact, high-throughput, full-vehicle scanning solution for busy checkpoints

The Scanner system scans passenger cars and other light vehicles to help security personnel search for weapons, explosives, drugs, and other threats.
The system scans entire vehicles bumper to bumper in just a few seconds as they drive through without stopping. The system's detailed images reveal hidden weapons and other threats, and their color coding highlights explosives, drugs, and other organic materials. The system's unique Easy Match feature automatically compares the current scan with prior scans of the same vehicle and highlights the differences to help inspectors spot new objects. The system's low radiation dose allows drivers and passengers to remain in the vehicle while it is scanned, enabling the system to scan 150 vehicles per hour or more in the normal flow of checkpoint traffic. With the V-SCAN Mobile option, the system can be relocated quickly with no disassemble

- Non-stop scanning of the entire vehicle -including occupants
- Low radiation dose per scan -complies withANSI N43.17-2009
- High throughput -scans hundreds ofvehicles per hour
- Compact physical footprint
- Quick relocation with theV-SCAN Mobile configuration
- Supports remote,centralized image analysis

- Scans bumper to bumper and roof to pavement
- Vehicles drive through without stopping
- Scans in the normal flow of checkpoint traffic
- Complies with ANSI N43.17
- Detailed images reveal hidden weapons and other threats
- Dual-energy X-ray highlights explosives, drugs, and other organic material in color
- Easy Match feature highlights new objects in the vehicle
- Small footprint for use in standard traffic lanes
- V-SCAN Mobile option enables fast relocation without disassembly
- Supports remote, centralized image analysis - nearby or hundreds of miles away


The V-SCAN system's innovative dual-energy X-ray technology highlights organic material such as explosives and drugs in color. The system's top-down scanning angle is ideal for light vehicles. The system integrates the scan image, license number, video image, and other information in the system database.
The operator workstation enables users to operate the system and analyze scan images, all in one easy-to-use screen. The system provides a variety of functions for analyzing and annotating scan images. To enhance the efficiency and integrity of the inspection process, images can be analyzed at central locations without any identifying information.

The system's low radiation dose and other features comply with the ANSI N43.17-2009 standard for general purpose security screening of people using X-rays. The system's access-controlled area is smaller than the system itself. No additional shielding is required.

Its applicable for Embassies, Central Banks, Military Installations, Presidential Residences and any such high risk premises

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