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Dynamic Security Technologies / Products
The following are some of our products

Automatic Remote Controlled Gate

The gates whether swing or sliding are motorised and controlled by a Remote Control from the comfort of a car. An Intercom to communicate between the visitor at the gate and residents inside has a gate opening button .This intercom may be a simple Audio or Video whereby residents see visitor in a screen in the house.This product appeals to complex residencisies, flats residential,Upmarket Home owners and any other Vehicle Entrance Point.

NB -Any Access Control System maybe applied and Solar Panels maybe used to power the system in cases where there is poor grid supply. GSM Intercoms are also available. These allow the home owner to communicate (audio or video) with the visitor from anywhere around the world on their cellphone and actually operate the gate.

Dynamic has a comprehensive range of IP Video cameras and digital recording solutions that support remote control & remote monitoring over your LAN, WAN or Internet. Our Hybrid Analogue/IP Solutions complete a Perimeter Surveillance Solution including thermal cameras, video analytics and alarm management with the ability to generate a range of alerts for Intrusion Detection Applications.

Our systems can integrate with third part systems such as Access Control, Point of Sale, Fire Panels, Alarm Panels etc.

We have industry specific solutions for Banks, Mining, Retail, Airports and security in general.
Automatic Traffic Booms

These are low level security products meant to regulate vehicle entrance/ exit into premises. They may be coupled with Access Control Systems such as biometric thumb readers, proximity tags, facial recognition, remote controls, vehicle proximity, number plate recognition, free-to-exit sensors etc., depending on the installation requirements. Like all modern access control systems, activities can be recorded and stored for future reference. We do sometimes integrate road blockers and bollards to booms, depending on the level of security that is required.

DST SECURITY cc branded Dynamic Security Technologies Ltd is an African markets focused supplier and installer of Security Technology and Fire Management Systems. Our systems are geared to protect Industrial, Residential & Government premises and lives.

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