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Dynamic Security Technologies / Industry Sectors
Dynamic is main focused on the following sectors
Fire Protection of Telecoms Control Rooms is paramount to any telecoms enterprise. Should the fire break out the network can be down for days if not weeks as evidenced by recent fires in the telecoms control centers of major telecommunications companies in Nigeria and Tanzania, the consequences of fire damage are quite obvious. Dynamic will install Fire Detection and Suppression with a GSM Notification SMS to the response teams. We will further install security systems on base stations (telecom mast) against vandalism.
Manufacturing & Warehouses
The major security issues facing Manufacturing and Warehousing is Fire and Pilferage. To manage these risks we deploy CCTV Monitoring and Surveillance and Fire Detection. These solutions maybe run on the same platform thereby reducing cost. Depending on the products being manufactured or stocked we install Flame Detectors or Open Area Smoke Imaging Detection (OSID). The standard security barriers such as turnstiles or trap doors with Biometric Controls are deployed.
Banks Banks
where it is absolutely essential to manage risk are among the first to install security systems. Dynamic will integrate under one platform Access Control Solutions, Intrusion Detection, Computer Server Room Fire Detection & Suppression, ATM Anti Card Skimming Systems and CCTV to ensure a constant monitoring of the bank security. Our systems help banks to manage these security, safety and communications challenges.

Power Generation
Our main products for Power Generation Plants is the Fire Detection & Suppression for control rooms, Fire Detection for wide areas and Perimeter Security comprising of Physical Fence with Intrusion Detection Systems. Alarmed Thermal Cameras are also deployed to monitor operational temperatures are within acceptable range.
Mines & Petrochemicals
Theft of precious minerals, copper, diesel, explosives and the influx of illegal miners are top risks facing mines today. The collusion of employees with organized crime syndicates heavily compromises the mine security and their bottom line. Paramount to any mine security is Perimeter Security and the Staff Identity Management System at entry points. Depending on the level of risk physical perimeter may need to be buffeted with Thermal Cameras CCTV Intrusion Detection as well as Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection with incident location determining capability. Mine entry point are secured with Turnstile, Bollards and/or Vehicle Booms all controlled by biometric identification systems. Biometrics are used on all high risk doors/entrances within the mine while CCTV monitoring is deployed on high value assets. Full Body Scanners are deployed at exit points to detect precious minerals and other contraband from employees and contract workers leaving the mine. Fire management is an integral part of the mine security. Fire Detection & Suppression is deployed in power control rooms, computer server rooms while thermal cameras may monitor furnaces, engines etc to alert when excessive temperatures are reached. Flame Detectors are also employed in high risk wide areas to monitor against fire.
With the advent of terrorism, human trafficking, drug trafficking and money laundering issues of airport security bode down to staff & passenger identification and luggage & cargo screening and identification. Dynamic will install airport perimeter security systems, staff identity management system integrated to access control, cctv monitoring and analytics, cargo and luggage screening and scanning, vehicle scanning and passenger scanning and screening.

DST SECURITY cc branded Dynamic Security Technologies Ltd is an African markets focused supplier and installer of Security Technology and Fire Management Systems. Our systems are geared to protect Industrial, Residential & Government premises and lives.

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